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[Saezuru] Space: Doumeki x Yashiro

Space  [x-rated]

4 am is filled with the unnerving quiet of a world that shouldn’t be awake, I am an intruder in this nocturnal space. There’s a vague light from the window, but mostly the glow of the lamp that had been kept on. I don’t know why I am awake, until the pain grips me again, a reminder that the drugs have worn off. There’s a glass tumbler of water and two pills in a packet waiting for me, I take them with the water and realise how thirsty I’d been.

He is sitting on the grey sofa by the exit, head lolled slightly to his right side, eyes shut. I slip off the bed and walk over to him, silent on bare feet. He doesn’t wake, even when I’m right up close to him. The last time must have been in my apartment, again, I can’t resist reaching out to touch him, a slight scrape of stubble on his cheeks.

My mind wanders, of course, to that time he’d so audaciously set about pleasuring me with his mouth, his tongue. My fingers are on his lips, dry but soft, I am tempted to push my fingers inside, let him slick me wet. Just the thought is causing my cock to react. What would he do? I wondered.  I slip off the hospital pants underneath my robes - cool air prickling the hairs of my legs - and I straddle his lap.

He finally begins to stir, rubbing his eyes with his bandaged hand.

"Boss?" he says, sounding sleepy and confused.

I take his hand and put it on my thigh.

For a brief moment he strokes me without thinking, and then he freezes, his eyes looking up at me in alarm.

"Have you learned anything since last time?"

A red blush creeps up his face, it’s fucking adorable.

I grip his shoulder and push myself to a kneeling position, robe undone so he can see all of me.

"How do you want to touch me?" I ask.

"Boss I…" he swallows and lowers his gaze, from my position I can see the crease of his brows and his lashes

I pull him to me, his face against my stomach, an obvious invitation.  He starts kissing me, tentatively at first, even his hand on the back of my thigh is light, as if I am too fragile to the touch, but slowly he warms up, his kisses travels across my stomach and his hand brushes the full length of my thigh, down to the crook behind my knee, and then up to cup my buttock, and then both hands, rough and large, are groping me. The first flick of his tongue elicits a groan, I want more and he gives it, his tongue drawing patterns on my skin. He hasn’t even touch me there yet, and I can already feel it getting hard and wet, my hips rock in anticipation, pushed towards him, brush up against his shirt.

He pauses to look up at me, a question mark, a request for permission. I cover his eyes with my hand, and press against him further, and he understands. I stretch and he dips, and his mouth is wrapped all around my cock.

He’s clumsy and sloppy, not much better than last time, but the warm wet feel of his mouth working me, gets my heart beating faster. My hands grips his broad shoulders as I thrust into him, controlling my tempo as my body becomes more sensitised, his back looks so broad from this angle, I watch the  movements of his shoulder blades. I thought I’d be satisfied with being sucked off, but then I feel him spreading my buttocks apart, and as I catch my breath he slips a finger inside.


I jolt and his teeth scrapes against my erection - it’s pleasure and agony, I desperate hunger gnawing inside..

"Deeper," I gasp, and he obliges, taking in more of my length with his mouth as he plunges his finger deeper inside my twitching hole, a few more quick rough thrusts and I was done, spurting hot and fast inside his mouth, my whole body uncontrollable in it’s orgasmic spasms, my cock slips out as he swallows my cum and gasps. Sweat drops on his forehead.

He begins to pull his fingers out, I clench around him.

"Don’t," I say before I meant to.

He looks at me confused.

"It’s been so long, I’m still…"

Still? I’m not sure what I want to say so I stop.

I run my hands over his damp hair, he kisses my stomach again, all light and feathery, and he adds another finger inside, moving languidly, stretching me and filling me until I come a second time and collapse, no strength left in my legs

He carries me back to the bed, and  wipes my dick clean with a tissue, he even tries to put my pants back on, until I tell him not to bother.

He disappears for a while, presumably to the bathroom. When he comes back, he hovers over me. For a split second, I thought he would ask to climb into bed with me, but instead he moves back to the sofa seat. For a split second I think wished he had.

I guess I’m not too old to be foolish. I pull the cover up, the ache dulled with tiredness, and the drugs pulling me back into an empty sleep.


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Feb. 4th, 2015 11:54 pm (UTC)
So luscious, so tantalizing. It was a masterpiece!
Feb. 6th, 2015 11:35 pm (UTC)
Thank you for leaving a comment :)
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