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[Saezuru] Nowhere: Doumeki x Yashiro

Companion piece to Space, from Doumeki's point of view

I thought it was a dream, and maybe it was my heart that stopped a bit when it wasn’t. I don’t know if  you really want me to touch you, or if it’s a trick , but your legs are more beautiful to my touch than in my fantasies, could I really explore every inch the way I want? Are you asking me to kiss you? I’m not thinking really, your stomach is soft, inches above is your bandaged scar, I want to know your wounds. Your body moves with your breath, I can feel your fingers through the fabric of my shirt, I can’t concentrate with the sighs of your breath above, and your cock erect below me. You are soft and hard and warm and wet, and I can taste you on my tongue, I am filled with the scent of you,  I want to know what you need, your hips rock, and your cock slides deeper inside my mouth, and I don’t need to breathe, my heart thudding so loudly it must be audible to you, my hands on the insides of your thighs so warm and smooth, I am thinking of the hidden part of you, and my pants feel tight, please don’t notice, I’m begging please don’t notice, that part of you, I want to be inside, I am imagining these fingers of mine to be as how I would penetrate you, if you would squeeze around my cock like the way you’re squeezing on my fingers now, melting and hot inside, the way you move, as if you want to take me deeper inside, urging me to touch your very core. The sound of your cries are familiar to me already, but now I’m the one connecting with you and the heat and feel of your writhing body, I am desperate to make you cum, grip me tighter, my shoulders and my fingers as I thrust into you, if you’d call my name I’d die happy boss, and the shudder as your hot thick semen fill my mouth, and I’m shivering as your run your fingers into my hair. Was it good enough? I thought you were going to call my name, but it’s ‘don’t..’ that you say, are you still not satisfied? You’re slippery inside, and if I could I want to be here holding you, kissing you all over, forever, going nowhere with you.


Mar. 30th, 2015 06:09 pm (UTC)
Re: Happy Birthday!
HI Dsysmith

Thank you very much for your message, sorry in being late in my responses, my laptop was down for a few weeks, and the messages slipped down the inbox. I do hope to be writing more, at some point when my life feels less hectic.