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[Ore Ni] Shiver in the Sun 19

The time between Ryouji leaving him to fetch a doctor and someone arriving seemed very long, when there was a knock at the door and it opened, there was a lady in a white coat with a clipboard, followed by a younger woman in a nurse uniform.

"Hello my name is Doctor Miyamoto," she said with a smile, "I"m glad to see that you're awake."

Tora gave a slight nod and a response, but his eyes were glancing past the two women.

"Ryou - my uncle?"

"Detective Kase? I think his colleague is having a word with him. I know you have just woken up - nurse please bring pour him a glass of water - but we need to perform a few tests if you don't mind."

"Okay," Tora said, obediently, eyes still darting to the door. The nurse held up the glass for him to drink from in his sitting position, while the doctor pulled a chair close to him.

There were a lot of basic questions asked at first, like his name and his age, when the doctor asked him what the date was, he was seized with a sudden terrifying though that it may have been months or years, he kept glancing down at his hands to discern if there were any changes, and wish there was a mirror somewhere. He gave the date, but the doctor did not give any sign of whether this was right or wrong, and merely moved on to the next question.

Later on he was told that he'd only been unconscious for one night, but he'd been disconcerted enough that it took seeing the date displayed in two other places for him to be reassured.

After the questions came a lot of prodding and poking that Tora was still at an age to feel awkward about, all during this his eyes kept glancing at the door, but Ryouji did not return. Without Ryouji in the room, the whole experience felt really alienating, and if he was not so exhausted, he might have cried, instead when the doctor and nurse left, after passing him some pills to swallow, the names of which he didn't understand, he fell back asleep.

He was woken the next morning by a nurse, who came to change the bedding and pass him new pills, and take his temperature and check write notes on his wounds. He was beginning to wonder if he had not imagined the encounter with Ryouji yesterday, when he finally turned up, with a fruit basket.


"Well I don't know what you like."

"But, it's going to be difficult to pe..oh nevermind." Tora, after the initial wave of relief in seeing Ryouji, was feeling a welling up of annoyance at being abandoned for the night, he tried to suppress it. "Where were you?" he wanted to ask, but didn't because he knew he'd sound like a nagging woman.

Ryouji pulled the chair close to the bed and sat down, his eyes were still looking bloodshot, but he was cleanshaven once more. Tora instinctively reached out to touch his face, faltered and ended up pinching the material of Ryouji's shirtsleeve near the elbow.

"You in pain?" Ryouji asked.

"Not so bad," Tora lied.

Ryouji poked his cheek lightly  and Tora yelped.

"Liar. I read the report, How you came out with no broken bones is still a mystery."

"I'm not as fragile as I look," Tora said defiantly.

Ryouji acted like he was going to poke Tora's cheek again, but just as Tora began to flinch in anticipation, he leant over and kissed it instead.

Tora cupped his cheek and looked at his uncle in shock.

"What?" Now it was Ryouji's turn to look defiant.

There was another knock on the door, and this time around it was a man and women in a suit, Tora immediately knew they were the police.

"Teshima Toranosuke? I am Detective Hiyashi, and this is my partner Detective Sato. We'd like to have a few words with you about the incident three days ago. The doctor told us that your condition is stable enough for it."

Tora looked over at Ryouji, who were looking at the detectives, they gave nods of acknowledgement to each other, so it seemed like his uncle knew them in some capacity. It didn't matter if you were innocent or guilty, just in the presence of police was enough to cause anxiety. Ryouji just gave a single pat on his arm.

"This is standard procedure, just tell them everything you know. I'll need to leave the room."

Tora didn't want him to leave, but there was no helping it.


Author's note: apologies for the long wait since the last update! The story is essentially over, there's just going to be a bit of wrapping up to do, just so there is a bit more closure, I promise to end it with a nice bit of Ryouji x Tora, though it might take a few more short updates to get there!

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