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[Ore Ni] Shiver in the Sun 16

So this was the plan that Shibuya and Hiroya came up with.  They would go buy some food from Family Mart and Shibuya would pretend to be delivering it to someone n the apartment block [Suzuki-San in Flat F on the 18th Floor] to get past the black suits at the front of the building, Hiroya had given him the entry code so that made it easier. Meanwhile Tora and Hiroya would go up through the car park entrance and up to the 7th floor via the maintenance lift, and then take the stairs for the last floor. They would text Shibuya and wait by the stairwell which was to the farside of Hiroya's apartment, but close to the maid's place, who live in a smaller flat on the same level, where (they presumed) Alex would be tied up by the front gate.  Then they would wait for the text Shibuya would send once he'd arrived at the floor, and as soon as they received this, Hiroya would go get the dog, and they would dash back to the 7th floor to get the lift.

"Brilliant," Shibuya said, rather pleased with the plan, "We've got it covered."

Tora had in his minds a million things about the plan that could go wrong, he did raise the idea of letting Ryouji know, but he was outnumbered by the other two, who wanted to act now. Tora wondered if he should start writing his last will. This was the stupidest thing he will ever have done, and he knew it, and yet he was going along with it anyway, and it was too late now, he thought, his eyes awkwardly meeting Hiroya's for a brief moment, he gave an awful grimace of a grin before moving towards the lift panel, numbers ligthing up in successation as the lift whirred and juddered up towards the 7th floor.

The heavy steel doors opened up onto the concrete grey stairwell. Double doors separated them from the corridor. Hiroya took him out onto the 7th floor so that he could quickly familiarise himself with they layout.

"My dog will be down this end" Hiroya said in low voice, pointing down the hallway to the right of the double doors. "up and to the left, is where the main lift is" they both walked cautiously down it, hoping no one would come out of their flats and wonder what was going on, it was only a few steps, but it seems so far to cover.  "My flat will be in the same space as that one," Hiroya pointed to the door that was on the far right. "It's actually three flats knocked through into one, but that's the entrance we use."  

Tora wondered how many rooms Hiroya's place must have, but the mind boggled.

"We better move to the eighth floor," Hiroya said. For someone who looked so weak at first glance, he sure was determined.

Tora gulped, his hands were cold and clammy, and his fingers fumbled over the keypad as he tapped out the text to Shibuya, he felt a chill across his neck, like a icy cold finger being dragged across his it. This was a major sign of foreboding.

They made it up the twenty steps to the 8th floor, Tora carefully pushed open the swinging double doors, crouching low as he did so. Hiroya huddled close behind him. They couldn't see much, but the tried listening out for voices to see if there was anyone out there, and indeed, very faintly the could here the murmur of voices chatting, there was at least two of them. Tora slowly eased the doors back to a closed position, before letting himself breathe again, his hand gripped his mobile phone hard enough that it was likely to leave angry red marks on his palm, he'd turn the ringer to silent, and the vibration off, he didn't want it to make any noise, so the only way to know if they had received a text was to pay attention to the screen.

It seemed like they were waiting forever, but then finally there was a flash of activity on his screen.

"at 8" it said, and that was the sign. They pushed open the door, and sure enough they could hear Shibuya's voice loud  and clear

"Excuse me, sir I have a delivery for Suzuki San in flat F, this is from Family Mart"

That was it, Hiroya slipped out through the door  and dashed down the right hallway, whilst Tora kept a look out, Tora's heart was thumping so loud in his chest and in his ears that he couldn't concentrate on what was being said.

"But it was definitely Flat F, it says so, there is no Suzuki San, I'm sorry , did I make a mistake, please let me check the delivery details."

He thought he could here the yelp of a dog, and rattling noise, his heart skipped a beat and he prayed to all the gods that he knew that the bad guys would not here. "Buddha, Shiva, Jesus, please please please.." he muttered like an incantation, and Hiroya reappeared looking flushed with a small chocolate miniature poodle in his arms.

Tora had to bite back the "hurry!" that he wanted to shout out as Tora dashed forward, he held the door open wide. Hiroya slipped through, they had made it.


He turned his head and saw a bald headed man with a wall like chest shouting at him from the far end.

"Shit!" he said and almost stumbled backwards as the man started moving towards them. "We gotta get out of here,"

Hiroya was already hurtling down the stairs, the dogs bark echoing throughout the stairwell. Tora caught sight of the garbage can and quickly dragged it in front of the doors, before turning to run down the stairs himself, he was only halfway down one flight and turning the corner, before he heard the double doors slamming hard into the cans and sending it flying.

"Come back here you little shits!" was the holler that deafened.

"Fuck fuck fuck," Tora cried out loud between gasps, as his feet moved so quickly he almost tripped himself up and he had to grab the bannister to steady himself, he was catching up to Hiroya who could not move as fast whilst carrying his dog.

"Faster," Tora urged.

The went down past fifth floor, the fourth, the third,  and it felt like the thundering steps behind were gaining on the all the time.

He prayed they would make it, they rounded past the second floor, but a hand grabbed him by the shoulder and yanked him backwards causing him too fall hard against the stairs, the pain sharp where his body struck against the concrete edges. Everything seemed to happen so quickly, but also with so much clarity, he caught Hiroya look backwards at him, aghast. The man, breathing heavily, hesitated between Tora and Hiroya, and in that moment Tora made a snap decision. He grabbed the man tightly around his legs and yelled out to Hiroya with all the breath he could muster "Ruuuuuun!"

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