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[ore ni] Shiver in the sun 17

Ryouji was driving very very fast, he'd entered into a state of hyper-awareness about his surroundings that made his driving almost automatic he swerved in and out of the two lanes, zoning out all sounds even the blaring sirens he'd placed on top of his car.

Ryouji was royally pissed off, more pissed than he'd ever felt. In his mind he was rehearsing all the things he would shout at the idiot Tora. 'Be back soon' was the note he'd left, no fucking indication of where he was going, no text message on his phone, no answering of his calls. The boy was really going to be in for it, once Ryouji got his hands on him. But he had to get to him first.  It hadn't taken him long to figure out where the boys would have gone, and he was so mad, but not as mad as he was at himself. He should not have left them alone, he should have noticed how badly Hiroya had been affected. Why he would want to go back to the house, he couldn't really guess at, but it must be something important. Ryouji recalled what Hazumi had said about the key, it might not have been this, but he filed the idea away, to be picked up again.

Two blocks away he slowed down, and switched the sirens off, he needed to scope out the situation first. He parked half a block away around the side street, making sure to double check the guns in his holster. His phone had not rung the entire time. He gave another call to Tora, and got cut off, he swore again. He quickly checked up on Mimi, who said he and two other squad cars were about fifteen minutes away.

"Chief says you should wait for us to arrive."

"Right," Ryouji said, having no intentions to wait.

"I mean it Ryouji, this could be dangerous."

"And Tora is probably mixed up in this," Ryouji said pointedly and filmly pressed the red 'end call' key.

He hurried up the road, trying not to break into a run. As he neared Hiroya's building, a figure dressed in a familiar blue uniform was coming out of the building, following closely behind him was a man with a black suit, with the light fading, Ryouji couldn't see them clearly. All of a sudden there was a loud commotion, the male in blue had swung the plastic bag in his hand right into the face of the suited man, he let out an indignant cry, and then he was running at breakneck speed down the road, towards Ryouji. Ryouji immediately put his hand to his gun, his body tensing even further, they were only a few yards in front of him, at that moment his eyes met that of the running man, and there was a spark of recognition. In that moment as the two guys rushed passed him, Ryouji reached out and grabbed the man in black with one hand, dragging him back, and with the other, he cracked the butt of his gun against the back of the man's head, sending him crumpling to the ground. The guy in blue had stopped running, he was leaning forward, hands on his thighs and breathing hard, Ryouji recognised him as Tora's friend Shibuya.  Ryouji looked back down the road towards the building, he saw two figures, staring in his direction and then sprinting forward, but just as suddenly they stopped, both putting a hand to their left ear, a clear sign they were receiving a radio call. Shibuya grabbed his arm so suddenly Ryouji almost jumped.

Shibuya was breathing so hard he was finding it hard to speak. "To- tora, ha, Hiroya.. stair,  back stair well.. hu-hurry!"

That was all the information that Ryouji needed to set him off.

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Thanx for another update!
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